For Police Officers

The Numbers Work : Cognition, Calm Focus & Energy

A Competitive Challenge

The modern emergency services is a demanding and competitive environment. To be effective you have to digest, assimilate and retain large volumes of data. And at the same time manage a shift that can be ever changing in intensity, emotion and adrenaline.

Plus doing this on ever changing shift patterns and sleep deprivation.

When you rise through the ranks the ante just keeps going up. Staff to manage, extra responsibility weighing heavily, political opponents to vanquish.

It is not easy to get to the top, and staying there is even harder.

Your Cognition is Evolving

Did you know? Neuroplasticity allows your brain to change and adapt as you age. In other words, your neurological processes and requirements are different than they were 10 or 20 years ago.(4)

And that changes how effective you are in your professional life.

Sure, you've got the experience - but have you still got the recall and clarity to win-out those daily negotiations? The focus and concentration to stay at the top of your game for long hours? The ability to stay calm under pressure and cope with the stress?

Kurapeak can help in all of these areas, and more besides.

Sustained Clarity

The ingredients in Kurapeak have demonstrated in numerous research studies to provide the following benefits;

  1. Better Recall - Finding they can access facts and figures easily in high stress situations.

  2. Improved Focus - Staying on-task for longer, being more productive during taxing periods.

  3. More Mental Energy - Extend the usefulness of the working day. Going longer but maintaining the quality of output.

  4. Lower Stress - Enjoy the work experience more, find yourself rising above some of the aggravation (from both inside and outside the force).

Upgrade Memory & Processing Power

You are delivering important information for a report. You are just finding your flow when you get interrupted by a change in circumstances or a distracting detainee. The answer is there somewhere, you know it, but you've been thrown. You search through your memory but it just won't come.

"I'll have to confirm that", you answer weakly. And move on, trying to regain some composure and credibility.

None of us relish those pauses while you trawl your mind for elusive answers.

Quicker and more reliable recall doesn't just help in pressure situations, it can also help with reporting incidents and information sharing with colleagues.

When you remember names and facts about people it is so much easier to get key information out to the wider team and get a quicker response in an emergency.

Centrapeak contains ingredients which have been the subject of numerous scientific studies in relation to their ability to improve recall, working memory, cognitive performance, processing speed and accuracy.

Mental Energy, Attention, Focus

Kurapeak helps optimize neurotransmitters by using ingredients that support serotonin, dopamine and GABA.

  1. Reduced Stress - Lower cortisol levels means lower stress levels.

  2. Increased Energy - A positive outlook is crucial for motivation.

  3. Enhanced Wellbeing - Feeling happier and making progress.

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Improve Mental Energy and Focus

None of the ingredients included in Kurapeak would be classed as stimulants such as Rhodiola Rosea, Panax Ginseng, Pine Bark, L-Tyrosine.

These are products designed to intensify executive cognitive functions such as memory, creativity, or motivation.

Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Kurapeak is made of natural ingredients with a strong clinical research pedigree in relation to reducing stress and anxiety such as Curcumin (Turmeric), Maca, Saffron, Rhodiola Rosea.

The anxiety and stress reduction components of Kurapeak seek to reduce anxiety whilst still maintaining mental energy.

Increased Subjective Well-being

Kurapeak includes ingredients which have demonstrated in numerous clinical studies to have that positive effect on your well-being such as Panax Ginseng, Rhodiola Rosea, L- Tyrosine, Maca, Saffron.

In terms of quality of life though, on a day to day basis what matters is whether you feel happy or not.

Feel better, look better
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Curtail Stress & Anxiety

We've all been impressed by somebody who has the ability to stay calm under pressure.

Everyone who has earned their spurs and worked their way through the ranks in such a competitive and stressful environment can remember a difficult encounter with an adversary.

By staying calm and thinking clearly you can handle yourself in an assured and confident way.

A relaxed and composed rebuttal can go a long way towards impressing influential superiors.

The enemy in this case isn't that guy in the cell - it's the stress hormone cortisol.

Not only does cortisol cause short term problems affecting your immediate wellbeing, unregulated cortisol can potentially cause a range of long term problems which could prevent you maximizing your professional potential.

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